Give it a Chance

One of my biggest fears… is trying to get close to people and then losing them. Investing in relationships that seem to grow, and then somehow causing them to implode on themselves or disappear altogether.For a long time I’ve found myself front-loading relationships in case that happened. Trying to ensure that, if I never met the person ever again, at least I would have done whatever I needed to do to be a good friend. Ironically, that front-loading Continue reading “Give it a Chance”

Where Alone Comes From

I’m not a huge fan of holidays. They’re incredibly unstructured… and the lack of structure makes it hard for me to concentrate and even harder to get anything done. Today was no exception. I’m not a huge fan of the crowds on Black Friday, so I didn’t go shopping. Doing homework was an exercise in futility. Working out still hasn’t happened. The only thing I had set in my schedule was doing something with a friend, but even that didn’t have a set time. I cal Continue reading “Where Alone Comes From”

Laughing at Pokemon Jokes

I realized a few days ago that I had no good pictures on Facebook. Which means that when I ask people to set me up with the most intelligent, spiritual, attractive, single girl they know, they don’t have much to work with.I usually hate pictures of myself. Especially my face. I’ve developed enough self-esteem that I like the person who looks back at me from the mirror, but in pictures… Yeah. I’m not a fan.So today, after Church, I combined t Continue reading “Laughing at Pokemon Jokes”

Music in the Night

Sometimes I wake up at night and can hear music in my head. Not all the time, but sometimes. And sometimes, if I pull myself out of bed to the piano 5 feet away, I record a piece of the melody on my phone so that I’ll remember it in the morning.That’s how this piece began. It was a long time ago, shortly after I stopped dating one of the best harpists in the world (not kidding). I couldn’t understand how she could spend 8 hours a day playing the harp. Continue reading “Music in the Night”

An Educational Paradigm: Investing

My lifelong goal is to change the world. Specifically, to change the world of education – as it happens in the home, schools, businesses, and everywhere else learning happens.I want to start by helping parents and others change the paradigm within which they view education… because if you can change a collective vision, the structure will follow.So here goes – the first paradigm shift.Imagine that you have $10,000 and there are 5 ban Continue reading “An Educational Paradigm: Investing”

California SB 1172: Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

The whole world is debating the merits and vices of “reparative therapy,” with one camp claiming that it can cure all ills and the other that it will inevitably lead to suicide and self-loathing.I hope they both someday realize that their hyperbole is laughable.But on a subject where for years people called names and told stories, the debate just hit a new level. Last month California passed a law stating that mental health professionals could Continue reading “California SB 1172: Sexual Orientation Change Efforts”


I love Christmas. Except for being swamped with final projects and the inevitable stress that comes with being in charge of music somewhere. Maybe someday I’ll just be able to be a performer/choir member everywhere in my life, but it hasn’t happened yet. And school ends in just a few days. No matter what happens, at least it will be over.Today after church Jessie and I were trying to find a good version of “The First Noel” for our ward Christmas progr Continue reading “Noel”